Most of the Coin Collecting books are published every year. It contains all most all the pictures of the coins release in a particular era, reign or particular range of years. In these catalogs you can find practically every coin in the world. Most of them contains prices according to their condition with their pictures. Other features  about coins are also mentioned in the book, such as their mintage, weight, metal, diameter, ruler, mint and the history behind of making this coin. These books also provide great teaching and identifying aid such as understanding the numeric language of that particular country or area. I would like to recommend coin catalogs to every coin collector, as mentioned earlier at least 15% of your budget spend on coins should be used in purchasing these catalogs. Krause catalog also contains country index, foreign exchange table, coin size chart, hejira date calendar and other basic information on coin collecting. Please check for latest edition of the below mentioned books, as I might not be updated.
2007 Standard Catalog of World Coins. 21st Century Edition, Covers world coins from 2001-Date, Premiere Edition, 314 pages.
2007 Standard Catalog of World Coins 20th Century Edition, Covers world coins from 1901-2000, 34th edition, 2022 pages. Softcover. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

Facts about coins issued from 1901 to 2000, in your hands. It provides you with current values in up to four grades, coin facts, instant identifier and more. 45,000 photos. This catalog is about the same size of a phone book and with a few advertisements of coin dealers and world famous mints. There are pictures of coins and lots of them divided into countries and territories. It can make your head spin if you are not searching for a particular theme.

Unusual World Coins: Companion Volume to Standard Catalog of World Coins - 4th edition by Colin R. Bruce II, edited by Tom Michael & George Cuhaj. The 515 page 8 1/2" x 11"  softcover catalog lists, pictures and prices thousands of "coins", rebel issues, pretender coins, fantasy issues, experimental Euro and Ecu coins, medieval fair coins, un-authorized coins,  bullion pieces, coins of micro-nations, pseudo-states, and unrecognized states, as well as other odd and novelty issues. It is a fun and interesting book and an excellent guide as to what has been issued. This book is published by kp publication. There also exists another variant of the same book without kp publication logo on the cover, with different coins displayed on the front cover.
Standard Catalog of World Coins, 19th Century Edition 1801-1900 - 4th edition. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

With today's, technology, the Krause catalog could have better images for many coins. It could also have at least five basic grading and prices for each coin instead of three or four. But all in all, it is still the best and most complete catalog in the market. It is the reference of choice for every numismatic and professional coin collectors. 1,200+ pages. 27,500 photos.

Standard Catalog of World Coins, 18th Century Edition 1701-1800 - 3rd edition.. Released: November 2002. ISBN: 0873494695. Softcover. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

This is an excellent guide for coins collector of 18th century coins. Up to five grades of preservation. Listings are presented in a new easy-to-use format with more descriptive information and the denomination appearing next to each Krause-Mishler number. 1,272 pages. 17,900+ b&w photos.

Standard Catalog of World Coins, 17th Century Edition 1601-1700 - 3rd edition.. Released: May 2004. Softcover. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

It contains useful information on 17th century coins. It covers German and Spanish dominions coins in great length and records. If you are interested in coins from 1601 to present, then you have to purchase this book along with the three above mentioned books. It becomes a real pain, when you start looking for coins of a particular country and have to switch books to dig out information. The photos of big, costly and rare coins are mostly overlapped with reverse and obverse sides, that makes it unable to read them properly. The physical description on these coins are not maintained properly, such as weight, silver contents and edge type/description, which makes it difficult to compare between original and replica (duplicate) coins in this modern world. 1,366 pages. 18,500 b&w photos.

Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins - 4th edition.. Released: February 2001. ISBN: 0873419049. Hardcover. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

This book provides a comprehensive information on each country issued gold, platinum and palladium coin after 1600. I believe that private coins are not covered. For all the listed coins, the mintage number, dimensions, actual weights and estimated value are provided up to four grades of condition. Solidly researched  and well illustrated. 1,104 pages. 18,000 photos.

Collecting World Coins - 10th Edition Krause Publication. Released: September 2003  8 1/2 by 11''. 831 pages. 1901-date. More than a century of circulation issues from 1901 to the time of publication in 2003.
Standard Catalog of German Coins - 1601 - present - 2nd Edition. Krause Publication. Compiled by N.Douglas Nico. Edited by Marian S. Moe and Fred J. Borgmann. Colin R. Bruce II, Senior Editor.

Tens of thousands of fully detailed coins, priced in up to four grades of preservation. Covers dynasty, kingdom, and republic, within the German possessions since 1601. Contains photos, historic maps and instant identifiers brings you the riches of the Empire. Softcover, 448 pages, 2000+ b&w photos.

World Crowns and Talers by Krause Publication. ISBN: 0873412117. Authors:- Chester L. Krause, Clifford Mishler, Colin R., II Bruce

It contains detailed date and mint listings from 1601 to the time of publication in April 1993. 1360 pages.

Note:  Some of the coins listed in all the above Krause publication catalog are identified with cross reference by numbers assigned by R.S. Yeoman (Y#) for his Modern World coins and Current Coins of the world. For the pre-Yeoman dated issues, the number assigned by William D. Craig (C#) in his Coins of the World (1750-1850 period), 3rd edition, have generally been applied. John S. Davenport's (Dav#) for his European Crowns published by Spink & Son Ltd., London. Robert Friedberg's (FR#) for his Gold Coins of the World or/and Coins of the British World. Major Fred Pridmore's (P#) studies of British Colonial Coinage. W.H. Valentine's (V#) references on the Modern copper coins of the Muhammadan States. Coins issued under the Chinese sphere of influence are assigned numbers from E. Kann's (K#) illustrated catalog of Chinese Coins and T.S. Hsu's (Su) work of similar title.
Large Size Silver Coins of the World - 3rd Edition by Davenport
Gold Coins of the World: From Ancient Times to the Present: 7th edition. Authors: Robert Fridberg. Released: 01 January 2003. ISBN: 0871843072. Hardcover.

It contains information from ancient gold coins to year 1600. Besides a costly book, it does not contain color pictures and approximate weight for Greek, Roman and Byzantine gold coins.

Coins of England And the United Kingdom 2003 (latest edition) SPINK 2003. Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins. Hardbound, 500+ pages, 38th edition.
Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Man and Lundy), Pre-Decimal issues. Standard catalogue of British coin. Hardbound, 220 pages, 2nd edition. Published in 2002. A complete revision with new illustration and pricing of the 1984 edition published by Seaby.
The Coins of the Indian Sultanates: Covering the Area of Present-Day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (Hardcover) by Stan Goron, J. P. Goenka, Michael Robinson. Publisher: Munshirm Manoharlal Pub Pvt Ltd; 1 edition (March 9, 2001). ISBN: 8121510104.

The coinage of the Indian Sultanates is a very important primary source for helping us understand the political and economic history of much of what is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from the beginning of the thirteenth century AD until the seventeenth century when the last of the sultanates was absorbed into the Mughal empire. The right of sikka, i.e., the right to strike coins, was one of the two jurdically recognised expressions of the right of the ruler to sovereignty, and it was a right that was jealously guarded. 564 pages with stenciled images.

The Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins by W. K. Cross. 58th edition 2004 (spiral)
Coins of Canada 2004 by J.A. Haxby & R.C. Willey. 22nd edition (spiral), 302 pages. Released: November 2003.
Early Chinese Coinage by Wang Yu-Chuan. 6 x 9, Hardcover, 310 pages.
Chinese Cash - Identification and Price Guide by David Jen.

Covers 3000 years of money forms and Imperial China. Includes many newly discovered varieties. Features nearly 2000 coin illustrations.

Chinese Cash by O.D. Criswell.
Standard Catalog of Hard Times Token 1832-1844. Enlarged Proofs of Die Evidence New Hard Time Tokens Discoveries. Author: Russell Rulau. ISBN: 087349265X. Released: 2001. 

More than 70 pages highlight recently discovered information including die linkage to various producers, and other characteristics never before shown in a catalog. Large, detailed photpgraphs depicts observe and reserve token images. Price listing given in four grades of condition, reflect current market values. Complete coverage of more than 500 known Hard Time Tokens from 1832 to 1844. Russell Ralau has been recognized as the preeminent cataloger of American tokens. This book takes a much earlier work by Lyman Low with more details.

Latin American Tokens, 2nd edition by Russell Ralau, published by Krause.

Covers tokens from Mexico, Central America, South America, Maverick Tokens, Token Makers and a Glossary of Latin Terms. In short contains tokens from Mexican border to the southern tip of South America. The catalog covers the period of haciendas, mines, mills and docks from 1700 to 1920 for most of Latin America, and up to 1960 for the West Indies. There are price in up to four condition grades, with thousands of token illustrated in black and white. More than 440 pages.

Whitman's "The Official "Blue Book" of United States Coins 2005". Authors: R.S. Yeoman, edited by Kenneth Bressett. 

The only drawback on this book is that, it does not contain information on Proof sets, otherwise, it completely overlooks the entire category of latest buying price of all U.S coins. There is another book by R.S. Yeoman as "2006 Red Book", 59th edition. This book contains latest values on all U.S coins according to official A.N.A grading standard. Fully illustrated and easy to use.

2006 North American Coins and Prices:  A guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins by David C. Harper. 15th edition. Krause Publication. ISBN: 0896892360.

Contains updated market values of coins in 11 grades of condition. Covers 45,000 North American coins. Includes chapters on basic coin collecting information. U.S. coins from colonial time to present, Canadian coins from 1858 to present and Mexican coins since 1701. More than 1,500 photos and easy-to-follow descriptions and specifications featured in this ultimate volume provide readers of all experience levels with important details for a solid collection. In addition, collectors get information on the state of the market, more than 45,000 listings for everything from early American copper coins to modern mint and proof sets, new issues and state quarters. Also featured is an error identification guide, which should prove handy with errors enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Also contains Hundreds of websites.

The Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection by John W. Dannreuther, Softcover. ISBN: 0676600409.
Other Books for reference are
  • A CHECKLIST OF ISLAMIC COINS, 2nd edition, by Stephen Album. A listing of Islamic coins by dynasty with rarity ratings and bibliography. Unfortunately no pictures. Gives you a good idea of what is available and who issued what. 151 pages, soft cover.
  • Catalogue of the Post-Reform Dirhams "The Umayyad Dynasty" Spink London 2002 by Michel G. Klat. This Catalogue covers the period following the reform of silver Dirhams introduced by Abdel Malik bin Marwan in AH 78 or 79 until the fall of the Umayyad Dynasty in AH 132/133 AD in much detail with various mint names. 322 pages.
  • Coin Clinic - 1001 Frequently asked questions. Explores topics routine to exotic. For the novice or experienced collector. Let Alan Herbert spare you from expensive mistakes when buying and selling coins. 223 pages.
  • Official Price Guide to World Coins - 4th edition by Hudgeons.
  • Official Whitman United States & Canada coin collector's Check list and Record Book. Illustrated, lists all issues, complete mint records, an invaluable collection reference. 157 pages.
  • The Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Colonial Tokens by Charlton (spiral).
  • Unusual World Coins. Released: Feb 1992 by Krause Publications. Authors: Colin R., II Smith, Bruce Wayne (Contributor). ISBN: 0873411927. A standard catalog of world coins companion listing and price guide of novel non-circulating coins (see the latest edition of this book above).
  • Warman's Coins and Currency, 2nd edition by Allen G. Berman and Alex G. Malloy. Great general reference to ancient, medieval and modern coins and currency. Includes information on art medals, bank checks, commemoratives, mint sets and tokens. 256 pages.
  • World Silver Coin Value Guide by Durst.
  • World Gold Coin Value Guide by Durst.
Roman Coins:
It is strongly recommended that you find as many references as you can relating to the area in which you wish to concentrate. What follows is a partial listing of some excellent books on the subject of ancient Roman coinage, with brief reviews of each:
  • Klawans, Zander H. Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins. 1995, 288 pp. Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin. Retail (as of March 1998): $10.95. An excellent resource for beginning collectors, this book offers great value and provides a nice overview of collecting both ancient Roman and Greek coins. Note: this is not a price guide, but rather, a preliminary introduction to identifying coins by portraits and inscriptions.
  • Sear, David R. Roman Coins and their Values. Fourth revised edition,1988. 400 pp. Seaby Publications, Ltd., London. Retail (as of March 1998): about $75.00 US. Regarded by many as the Bible of ancient Roman coinage, this incredible book provides a wealth of information on identifying individual coins by inscriptions, reverse types, and provides prices (prices are in British pounds, but what the heck - you can convert, right?) for most major varieties of all denominations from the early days of the Republic (c.250 BC) up until the East-West empire split (476 AD).
  • Seaby, H. A. Roman Silver Coins. (volumes I - IV). Original publishing dates are as follows: Volume I (Republic to Augustus), 1952; Volume II (Tiberius to Commodus), 1954; Volume III (Pertinax to Balbinus and Pupenius), 1969; and Volume IV (Gordian III to Postumus), 1971. Volume V (Carausius to Romulus Augustus), published in 1987, was written by C. E. King. To the best of my knowledge, all but Vol. V have been revised at least once since their initial publishing. Values listed for coins are provided by David Sear. For the collector who is interested in attributing silver Roman coinage by type and (sometimes) date of mintage, this is an excellent set of references that is well worth the investment. A recent re-issue of this series has been a blessing for numismatists, who for many years had to hunt down a relatively small number of available copies, especially of Volumes I and III.
  • Bishop, J. David, and Holloway, R. Ross. Wheaton College Collection of Greek and Roman Coins. 1981, 64 pp (32 pp. of text followed by 32 pp. of plates). American Numismatic Society, New York. Contains illustrations of 450 Greek and Roman coins, with full attributions (identification of ruler, reverse devices, time period, inscription, etc.) for each. It is highly doubtful that this book is still in print, but it is occasionally found as an item for sale at numismatic auctions, and the pictures, paired with the attributions, make this book a very good resource if you can find it.
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