The mint producing these coin is "Afro Coin Mint", based in Alberton, South Africa.

Mr. Edward J. Moschetti of the WPNA, informs two reasons for it's issue. “First was to benefit the underprivileged in the rural communities in southern Africa covering some six or seven African countries. The second reason for the issue was to try and change over the current denomination to the Afro denomination.” He adds that their attempt to create a uniform African currency has been a “quiet movement”, and that the Afro “is receiving acceptable comments from various high officials.” I was lucky enough to find the following article (For An African Currency: The “Afro”), by Dikando Wa Dikando, on the Internet, which seems to corroborate what Mr. Moschetti is saying:

Its author states that “Currently, there are 3 strong currencies dominating the world, each with its own influential zone: the Euro in Europe, the Japanese Yen in Asia, and the American dollar in the Americas as well as a great part of Africa and Oceania. There is a strong chance that the US dollar will collapse someday.....Africa could protect itself by creating its own currency: the "Afro". It would have immediate control of its monetary mass (the amount of money created by the national banks of all the African states), and of its interest rates, two indispensable points to attract clients and investment capital. And if the US dollar collapses, a lot of capital could find safety in Africa, thus ensuring its prosperity. For this to happen, the United States of Africa must become a fiscal heaven comparable to Switzerland, with the added advantage of having enormous natural resources and clean and renewable energy, the electricity produced by the African dams. In any case, this is what the Moise Tshombe for Katanga Support Committee is aspiring to. Let us hope it will be within the USAF, free and independent, a fiscal heaven and a prosperous economy. It is feasible and it will happen.”

The man he is referring to is perhaps the late Moise Tshombe, who was President of the breakaway province and secessionist state of Katanga (1960-63) and Prime Minister of the Congo Republic (1964-1965; now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

These coin were produced in 1998 to 2000 as a set of 1,5 and 10 Afro in brass and Silver. In 1998 set, 1 Afro features the ancient kholsan rock drawing of zebras, 5 Afro features the rural tribal home and tree while the 10 Afro features the shield, assagal and mask. The 1998 set of coins has a mintage of 10,000 pieces in brass and 100 pieces in silver.

The 1999 and 2000 designs are the same. 1 Afro features the Baobab tree in ornate frame, 5 Afro features the pair of Hombills while the 10 Afro features the abstract face mask design. The 1999 and 2000 set of coins have a mintage of 100 pieces in brass and 20 pieces in silver each. The Afro Mint can be contacted at Afro Coin Mint, P.O. Box 453, Alberton 1450, South Africa. Tel: (+27) 011-9078777, Fax: (+27) 011-8699550.

A group called the African Unification Front (based in Nairobi, Kenya), has announced that the Pan African Parliament “hereby establishes a Single African Currency for the purposes of replacing the currencies of AU Member States.” Furthermore, an organization called the African Currency Board shall be created to administer this new currency, which shall be known as the “AU Sheba”; fractional sub-units shall be designated as “Moneta”. You can read about these plans at:
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