Angband (Wizard's Stronghold)
Angband is the stronghold of Melkor. Morgouth is the name given Melkor after the theft of the Silmarils. The full sense of the name is "Dark Enemy of the world."
X#1 The iron 13.50g 28mm an ancient Crown of Morgoth. Minted during the first age of Middle Earth, during the reign of Melkor (named Morgouth, "The Enemy" by the Elfs) in Angband some 5,000 years ago. The 28mm is struck in pure iron and found buried in the North Farthing of The Shire in SR 1402. Obverse: Iron crown of Melkor. Reverse: Dragon hunched over castle wall or spouting flames above the battlements of Thangorodrium. Mintage: 900 pieces. These coins were issued by Melkour as a medium of exchange for his slaves and minions, for purposes of gambling, purchases of weapons, and rot-gut liquor. This coin also exists in 6.20g silver (Mintage: 120 pieces), 6.20g niobium, purple toned (Mintage: 36 pieces) and 11.00g in .900 Gold (Mintage: 3 pieces). The silver coin were also holed to be used as pendants.
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