Buck Island
Buck Island is situated, an angle between Tortola and Beef Island in British Virgin Islands. This island is situated in the south of East End, a place in the east of Tortola. The geophysical coordinates of this island is also mentioned on the coin (18o 25' 45'' N 64o 33' 30'' W)

Note: Not to be confused with Buck Island Reef National Monument situated one mile northeast of St. Croix in U.S. Virigin Islands.

Buck Island coins have produced coins in ND (1958) and 1961. Each year half Buck and one Buck coins were made. Therefore only these 4 coins are well known to coin collectors. These Coins are mentioned in Unusual World Coins, by Colin R., II Smith, Bruce Wayne (Contributor), released by Krause Publications. The Mintage of these coins are as follow.

1/2 Buck ND (1958) XTN1 Bronze = 10,000 pieces

1 Buck ND (1958) XTN4 Copper-Ni-Zinc = 350 pieces

1/2 Buck 1961 Bronze = unknown (probably 10,000 pieces)

1 Buck 1961 XTN5 Copper-Ni-Zinc  = 350 pieces

Reverse: Long-horned Goat

Obverse: Contour Map of Buck Island

All these coin are Plain edged.

I purchased my 1 Buck ND (1958) Copper-Ni-Zinc coin from Roger Zago and Barbara at Aspen Coins

I purchased my 1/2 Buck ND (1958) Bronze and 1 Buck 1961 Copper-Ni-Zinc coins from Steele Huang at Similar Coin. He still have a few in his stock.

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