Municipality of Dale Town
Dale is the city-kingdom and home to men who lived under the Lonely Mountain. It was built on wooden piers over the lake; destroyed by fire started by the dragon Smaug. It was later rebuilt under King Bard.
Dale town was a village of men far to the north...on the running river near Erebor and the Dwarf kingdom of Thrain. The people lived well on dairy, beekeeping, furs and trade. They boastfully put the inscription: "Land of Milk and Honey" on their coins. That soon came to the attention of the wily dragon Smaug, and he swooped down the very next year and ate up the whole town.

X#1 Penny 3.10g copper, 20mm in diameter, Date: 2769 TA. Obverse: Raven of Dale inscriptied in the strange furthork runes of that folk. Reverse: Short cross, bee and bird in angles.  Inscription: Land of milk and honey. Mintage: 1000 pieces. This coin is also produced in .900Ag (2.50g, Mintage: 300), Titanium anodized with pale blue color (1.90g, Mintage: 20) and Niobium anodized with a light reddish purple color (2.40g, Mintage: 20).
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