Egypt - British Occupation
I got this coin from an silver jeweler seller in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in early 1990s. It was ex-mounted with a jewelry and looked different. I persuaded him to remove this coin from the jewelry and that I will only pay for the coins. In the beginning he hesitated and at last agreed. I thought Cairo / Egypt might be occupied by Spain for a short while in 1920s but as I went through the history, nothing coincided: Cairo under Spanish Ruler ! any Ferdinand VII reigned in 1920 ! etc.
I still kept this unusual coin in my collection, hoping to get something out of it in the coming years. In 2005, while I was going through the pages of Krause Publication: Unusual World Coins, 4th edition, I suddenly halted at British Occupation AH 1333-1341 (1914 - 1922 AD) Token Coinage at page 120. My coin was similar to the coin shown as X#Tn15 8 Reales (Issuer: Saga Saad Meawad) in this book. However my version of coin is not been published in this book. It is probably issued by Saga Mikh Habib as written on the coin. The obverse side shows the bust of Ferdinand VII right with legends: FERDIN . VII . DIE . GRATIA. Reverse side shown the crowned arms between pillars. It is also an imitation of Spanish colonial 8 Reales issued probably in 1920. My coin also weights around 24 grams and have a diameter of 41mm.
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