Fantasy Euro Pattern
Fantasy Euro pattern are made on different countries, territories, cities and communes of the world, mostly by INA (British International Numismatic Agency), the swiss Europ Mint and other unauthorized authorities (unknown sources). Usually found in a set of coins. The set of 8 coins contains 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 euro cents with 1 and 2 Euro. The set of 9 coins contain an additional 5 Euro coin. Below is a list of these places categorized into three main era issuing fantasy Euro patterns.
From 1998-1999 Spanish communes and cities:
Italian Commune Laino D'Intelvi (50 cents & Euro 1999), Miglianico (Euro 1998), Montesilvano (Euro 1998), Napoli (50 cents & Euro 1999), San Raffaele (Euro 1998), Sassello (10, 20,50 cents, 1 & 2 Euro 1998), Settimo Torinese City (5, 10, 20, 50 cents, 1 & 2 Euro 1999)
Below is a set from Sassello Commune (Liguria):
In 2004, otherwise indicated:
Alderney (9 coin set), Andorra (9 coin set), , Armenia (8 coin set), Balearic Islands - Spanish Autonomous Community (8 coin set), Belarus (8 coin set), Bulgaria (9 coin set by INA and 8 coin set by unknown issuer), Cape Verde (8 coin set), Corsica Island - French Island (8 coin set), Crete - Greek Territory (8 coin set), Croatia (8 coin set), Cyprus (9 coin set), Czech Republic (9 coin set by INA and 8 coin set by uncertain issuers), Denmark (9 coin set), Estonia (9 coin set by INA and 8 coin set by anonymous issue), Faeroe Islands - Danish State (8 coin set), Georgia (8 coin set), Gibraltar - British Colony (9 coin set), Greenland - Danish State (9 coin set), Guernsey - British Dependency (9 coin set), Hungary (9 coin set by INA and 8 coin set by unknown issuer), Isle of Man (9 coin set), Liechtenstein (9 coin set), Lithuania (9 coin set by INA and 8 coin set unknown issuer), Malta (2003 issue - 8 coin set, INA issue - 9 coin set, ND issue - 8 coin set), Moldova (8 coin set), Monaco (9 coin set), Netherlands-Antilles (9 coin set), Norway (9 coin set), Poland (9 coin set), Romania (8 coin set), Russia (8 coin set), Saint Helena (9 coin set), San Marino (9 coin set), Slovakia (9 coin set), Slovenia (9 coin set), Sweden (9 coin set), Turkey (INA Issue - 8 coin set, MDS (Germany) issue 3 & 5 Euros), Ukraine (8 coin set), United Kingdom (2002 INA issue - 9 coin set, 2003 INA issue - 9 coin set), Vatican (2002 issue - 9 coin set, 2004 issue 9 coin set including 10 Euros except 5 Euros, I.M international issue 50 cents & Euro in 2000) and Wales (Kingdom - 8 coin set).
In 2005:
Aruba (9 coin set), Canary Islands - Spanish Autonomous Community (8 coin set), Cartago (Carthage City - 8 coin set), Kosovo (8 coin set), Lapland (8 coin set), Macedonia (8 coin set), Madeira Islands (8 coin set), Martinique (8 coin set), Mongolia (8 coin set), Montenegro (8 coin set), Saint Martin - part of Netherlands Antilles (8 coin set)
Coins from Kosovo (1 and 50 cents):
The metals used in these coin are mostly: Copper plated steel, Silver, Brass, Goldine, Bi-metallic (Silver/Brass), Bi-metallic (CuNi/Brass) and Bi-metallic (Nickel/Goldine).
Besides these, some other pieces are also circulating world-wide as the the F1 10 Euro Michael Schumacher, FIA F1 World Championship 1997 coin.
I got my Sassello Commune (Liguria) set from Oded Paz, Kosovo coins from Erik Victor McCrea and 10 Euro of Michael Schumacher from Alejandro Guelfand. The most interesting place issuing fantasy euro coins among these, which most of us might not be aware is Lapland. Lapland is located in Northern Europe. It includes the northern parts of Scandinavia (northern areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland) and the Kola peninsula in Russia. The second interesting place, which most of us might be not aware is Cartago (Carthage City), probably it has be minted on Tunis's old name in North Africa. It was an ancient settlement based in Tunisia, southern Spain, coastal areas of Morocco and Libya, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta, the Balearic Islands and the western half of Sicily. Most of coin collectors consider these coins as unattractive with bad artistry. These coins are easily available on Ebay and a great site to view these coins is at:
Chiefa Coins