Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight is an English island, south of Southampton off the southern English coast. It is part of the United Kingdom. It's capital and main port is Newport.
The Isle of Wight is approximately diamond in shape and covers an area of 147 square miles (381 square km. Nearly half this area, mainly in the west of the Island, is designated as the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The landscape of the Island is remarkably diverse, leading to its oft-quoted description of "England in Miniature". The West Wight is predominantly rural, with dramatic coastlines dominated by the famous chalk downland ridge, running across the whole Island and ending in The Needles stacks - perhaps the most photographed aspect of the Isle of Wight. The highest point on the island is St Boniface Down, at 241m/791ft, which is also a Marilyn.
The Isle of Wight's county flower is the Pyramidal Orchid.

Motto: All this beauty is of God

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