Kingdom of Kamberra
They are “a small constitutional monarchy located in the Pacific Ocean”. The invention of Mr. Franck Medina (a resident of Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg), it was originally named the Principality of Camberra, which existed from August 6, 1988 until August 23, 1988. It then became, on August 24th, the Kingdom of Camberra. The spelling of “Camberra” was changed to “Kamberra” in 1990, with the creation of its Constitution. The name itself is derived “from the Kamberri word: ‘Kamba'area’ which means ‘meeting place’. Kamberri is the dialect spoken by the Zahori people living on part of the island” (the name of Australia's capital, Canberra, is truly based on a Ngunnawal Aboriginal word with the same meaning). Kamberra is “an island of peace, well-being, tolerance and sharing”. The first Numisma bill, which would eventually become its unit of currency, was designed by Mr. Medina on March 26, 1988, when he was 14 years of age; this preceded the birth of Kamberra itself by over 4 months! Along with its many banknotes and stamps, H.M. King Franck I ( has now, by popular demand, issued the first Kamberian coin: a 1 Numisma piece, dated 2004. The core of the bi-metallic issue “is in Alpaca 12% (Cu — Zn — Ni). Its color is grey. The ring of the coin is in Niclal 725 (Cu — Sn — Ni). Its color is silver-pink.”

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About Kamberra's first coin, a Dutch coin-dealer commented that he did not care very much for fancy coins that were not “official”; so to those of you who have not yet fully embraced the world of “fantasy” coins, here is what Mr. Medina has to offer: “Dear friends, what is official and what is not, in this life?” In his eyes, there is no qualitative difference between the “authorized” coins of familiar world nations and the Kamberian “unofficial” issue. I fully concur. “A coin remains a coin! A coin remains just poor metal and for us, it doesn't have any value. Art has value to our eyes. Not metal.”

Since 2004, Mr. Franck Medina has never looked back and still designing test series as Not-Legal Tender and Legal Tender coin for Kamberra. 1 Numisma = 100 Lotis. His coins can be viewed under "SHOP" link on his website.

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