Kingdom of Atlantis
This coin is the valiant creation of Mr. Edward J. Moschetti (, the founder of the World Proof Numismatic Association (P.O. Box 4094, Pittsburgh, PA 15201-0094, USA). They have been a purveyor of these desirable types of coins since 1964, and they carry a fantastic stock of proof coinage. Please write to them and they will mail you any information you request.
5 pieces were made in .999Au having the domination value of 100 Dollars, 50 pieces were made in .999Ag also having the domination value of 100 Dollars and 200 pieces in pure copper having the domination value of 20 Dollars. All these coins weight 1oz, 39 in diameter and bear the date MMIV (2004). The weights and fineness of these precious metals were strictly observed.
According to legend and the writing of Plato, Atlantis sunk under the sea some 12,000 years ago. That has not stopped coins from being issued for this legendary land. The 2009 20 Atlantis Dollars is a golden brass Proof coin with a mintage of just 100 pieces. The 2009 100 Atlantis Dollars is a silver Proof coin and has a mintage of only 50 pieces. Both coins are 39mm in diameter and have similar designs. Pictured on one side are Poseidon, the God of Atlantis, and his mortal wife, Cleito in front of Archesm, the gateway to Atlantis. The other side pictures a woman bathing in a lake with a waterfall and a temple in the background. This is the third issue from this legendary land.
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