Lasqueti Mint

A private mint located on Lasqueti Island, in a remote area of British Columbia. It's capital and main port is probably Squitty Bay.

Largely undeveloped, Lasqueti Island lies southwest of Texada Island, a short distance across the Strait of Georgia from Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. It is approximately 8 km wide and 22 km long, with an area of 73.56 km2 (28.4 sq mi) and is traveled on quiet and unpaved roads. This quaint island, has approximately 350 permanent residents.  It is accessible only by the use of a foot-passenger ferry that departs from the terminal at French Creek, across the Strait of Georgia to False Bay in this Island. Others means to travel is by private boat or plane. On the north end of Lasqueti are Scottie Bay and Spring Bay, where there are a cave and eagles' nests. In Scottie Bay there are clam beaches and a shipyard. The road through the center of the island passes lakes, a mountain and some bays before it reaches Squitty Bay boat dock. The roads are unpaved and the island has no public transportation. There are no public camp grounds. Lasqueti is not serviced by B.C. Hydro. Residents live either without electricity or with alternative sources of power like solar or micro-hydro. There is very little industry and no bustling economy.

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Tolling Jennings, a numismatist, and Ray Lipovsky, a goldsmith, began minting their own coins on July 05, 1997. At first, the partners used a 19th century drop-hammer, but have since upgraded their equipment and production to latest techniques. Every aspect is still done completely by hand. Their 1,000th coin was minted on March 3rd, 1999.

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(LM4) - 1999 China Cloud/Arbutus Tree 1/2 oz .999Ag 29.7 mm diameter, 2.20mm thickness. The reverse and obverse design of this coins is artiste by Toni Seaman.
Lasqueti's 1/2 oz reverse design features the junk "china cloud" designed and built by Allen and Sharie Farrell. Comet Hale-Bopp and full lunar eclipse. The observe of this coin features a view from Lasqueti Island from under an Arbutus tree looking to the show capped peaks of Mt. Arrowsmith across the Georgia strait.
(LM6) - Gabriola Island 1999 1/2 oz .999Ag 29.7 mm diameter, 2.20mm thickness. The reverse is designed by Toni Seaman and observe design is artiste by Kathy Dennison Burroughs.
Gabriola Island - otherwise known as The Isle of the Arts - has around 5,000 full time permanent residents and many more summer residents and visitors. An amazing number of artists live on Gabriola. The environment here provides a special harmony and energy conducive to the artistic creative process, be it painting, sculpting or music. If you are an art collector, in search of a gift for someone special, or a music lover, you will be surprised, delighted, amused and sometimes shocked by the eclectic diversity found. The reverse design of Gabriola coin is same as the reverse design of Lasqueti coin. The observe design of this coin featuring the “Dancing Man” petroglyph with stylized waves including berries and flowers (produced with the support and approval of the Gabriola Community Arts Council, which sponsors the annual Dancing Man Music Festival).
(LM10) - MMI (2001) Lasqueti - Dory 1/10 oz (3.11gm) .999Au  16.6mm diameter, 1.4mm thickness. This coin commemorates the legalization of medical Marijuana in Canada on 29th July, 2001.
Lasqueti - Dory 1/10 oz .999Ag 2006

I purchased my the Lasqueti Islands from R.E. (Ray) Desjardins ( Bonavita, PO Box 11447, Station H, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 7V1, Canada. Bonavita (a division of Eligi Consultants Inc.) are dealing with different kinds of Municipal and Chamber of Commerce Trade Tokens. Their home page seems to be: They have published their book "A compendium of Canadian Municipal Trade Tokens" by Serge Pelletier as 1st edition in 2002 on these tokens. However my 1/10 oz .999Ag 2006 dated coin came through Oded Paz. These coins can also be purchased from J&M Coin & Jewellery Ltd. at:

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