City of Microna
This undertaking was the brainchild of Albert C. Zeller II, President of the Republic of Veshault. The project was started in December of 2001; the city name was incorporated on January 1st 2002, and the owner of the property approved the land purchase on January 3rd. Microna was to have been an actual city in Elko County, Nevada (on State Highway 233, 12 miles south of Montello and 4 miles north of Cobre). Survey maps identify the site as NW ¼ & SE ¼, Section 7, Township 37 N, Range 69 E. It had even been announced that someone named Mary Ambyre Jorgensen was even scheduled to take office as mayor on January 21st. Initially, the land was going to be split between 6 “nations”, and though a few “countries” expressed an interest, all but one ultimately backed out of the enterprise. It then became a joint partnership between Veshault and the Kingdom of TorHavn. Mr. Zeller was also in the process of applying for Microna's own unique Zip Code, and the city had a temporary mailbox in Pahrump, NV. But in the end, “due to a fallen economic structure between micro-nations we were un-able to continue in its venture.” Microna “had faltered by relying on others to succeed and admittedly purchasing 40 acres without being able to afford the whole property on our own was our downfall.” After TorHavn withdrew, Veshault made 2 additional payments but was forced to follow suit and terminate the project because they could not foot the entire monthly bill solo. Apparently, Veshault vanished for nearly two years, but TorHavn remained somewhat reachable as one of the upstanding micronations. HM Kasimir Diana Skyhunter, Regina is the Co-Monarch of TorHavn.
This 1 Micron coin was issued in 2002 in Copper-plated zinc, designed by Allen C. Zeller. Minted at Hoffman Mint with total mintage of 1000 pieces, weight: 4.5g, diameter 25 mm with plain edge.
Image of the coin and some detail about Microna can be viewed at Ghost Town website at:
In 2003, as a Constitution Party candidate, Mr. Zeller sought New Jersey's District 17 Senate seat. In a strategy officially called “Giving Back to the People”, he pledged to offer cash to registered voters and to help entice some unregistered ones. He hoped to boost the morale of the general public by handing out $1 to each person who would attend his campaign rallies ($200 maximum per rally), provided that he or she lived in his legislative district and signed his nomination petition. Though advised that his idea would present little or no problem, he retracted this proposal the same day he announced it, after a concerned citizen informed him via e-mail that the giving of moneys would be a violation of a certain legal statute. One of the press releases at reports that “He also will be giving away special coins via the internet worth $1 each...The $1 offer via the internet is also for a limited time to the first 100 takers.” Could this coin have been the Microna?
As of November 2004, it appears that Mr. Zeller is once more actively pursuing this venture because “the Republic Of Veshault has awoke from a slumber.” Now that his nation's been revived, Mr. Zeller originally announced that he had located 32 acres of decent, buildable land 7 miles north of Montello, NV (less than a mile west of Dake Reservoir). He was not seeking partners this time around, but was planning to offer rental space and property leases to interested parties. He intended to “build at least 1 building in the ‘City’ to say ‘it can be done’. I would then build a house on Veshaults' piece to live in and call it a day. If other nations want to have me build a fence or small shed/building on their property I would do it for them...” Microna itself would be the main city street (600ft x 200ft in the original project), and other smaller roads would lead to the other tenants' subdivisions/plots. Shortly thereafter, there was a change in location; by March of '05 he had proclaimed the purchase of 10 acres in west Texas, and did indeed begin to seek other micro-nations who'd be willing to lease/rent sections (100ft x 100ft, 200ft x 200ft) of this property. TorHavn is “back on board the project.” Mr. Zeller's new Web-site is:
To help get the city set up and running, “We had minted coins and were disbursing them in hopes of ‘pre-building’ an economy”. After the city was built, the coins were meant to be used by its citizens to purchase items within the city limits. All the monies from the sale of the coins were to have gone into the City Of Microna bank account “to help build the city property and buildings (and possibly pay the land payments).” In January of 2002, it was reported that Microna planned on issuing approximately 150 coins to the United Homeless Organization of New York City; the coins would then be used by destitute men and women to purchase coffee and a doughnut/roll from a few selected street vendors/carts around the area of Penn Station.
The Town Of Microna started as actually a plan for a City.  After reviewing many different state(s) [as in United States] laws, cities must pay a tax to the local county and also to state regulators. There are approximately 300+ un-incorporated towns in Texas. Some towns are like ‘gated’ communities and have ordinances, fines, and its own internal ‘court’ system. So we decided after consideration to change to Town Of Microna. We originally had bought 10 acres in 12/2004 for future use. Located between Valentine and Van Horn, Texas by US-90. Due to financial constraints we were not able to secure an actual survey till June 2010 from a licensed Texas surveyor. Well the property was actually 1 mile from the road and power line service. We sold the original 10 acres in Jan 2011. We then located 11.12 acres approx 4 miles North of the old property for a reasonable amount and purchased it outright in February 2011. The new property is 907 x 537 wide and has a road and power down the middle of it. The next step is clearing an area on it and either build something or place a mobile-home on upon it for a start.
According to Albert Zeller "We are back up and running here in 2011 as we have moved the Town of Microna project to just outside Van Horn Texas in the USA with a purchase of 11 acres. I will be going out this summer for clearing a building site. We still retain about 900 coins for hopeful future use as was intended. Our website http://www.Veshault.Org is back up and running and links to pictures of the Microna coin is under the Bank heading off the main page."
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