Ministry of Information, Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Information, Saudi Arabia provides Latest News, Saudi Press Agency, Fact File, Cities, Islam, History, Kings and their Bibliography, Judicial System, Government, Economy, Agriculture, Communications, Electricity, Industry, Oil, Transport, Social Development, Art and Culture, Properties (list of estate agents, Aid, Foreign Relations, General Information on Travel agents and their requirement, Various Addresses and web links, Statistics and Books. Website: or 

The above coins is a medallic coinage in .925Ag with a weight of 12 grams, issued by Ministry of Information. This coin usually comes in a set of four silver or four gold coins of various weights.  
Most Saudi numismatist believe that similar coins issued with King Abdul Aziz and King Khalid portraits are modern issues, some even having Saudi flag instead of the palm tree. These are all considered as fake coins. Actually they believe to be silver and just simply gold plated.
Chiefa Coins