Republic of Molossia
They are a 3.3 hectares (8.20 acres) sovereign, independent nation based in Dayton, Nevada; there is also a second tiny enclave in Northern California (the colony of Farfalla). The governmental heart of the Republic of Molossia is a .5 hectare site called the Province of Harmony, which lies in the high-desert Great Basin, east of Carson City and south-east of Reno. “Situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Molossian Home Territory is just 45 kilometers from beautiful Lake Tahoe, and minutes away from Virginia City, a famous Nevada mining town and tourist attraction.”

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Molossian history goes back to the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, which was founded on May 26th, 1977 (year I) and headed by James Spielman (King James I) and Kevin Baugh (Prime Minister). “After a short period of sporadic activity the nation entered into a period of dormancy.” Baugh alone continued with the kingless Kingdom for the next 21 years, (during which it was renamed the Kingdom of Edelstein in 1980, and the Kingdom of Zaria in 1988) until its successor was finally reborn as the Kingdom of Molossia in May of 1998 (year XXI). “The Grand Republic of Vuldstein was the father of the nation that is now known as Molossia. I do not consider that nation to be different than Molossia in any way, except in name. Thus, the lineage of Molossia extends back through the years all the way back to Vuldstein, much as many European nations trace their lineage back centuries through various names, to a time before they even had a national identity.” In effect, Vuldstein/Edelstein/Zaria “are all names that pertained to the same political entity”, and Mr. Baugh is unflinching in his affirmation that Molossia proper was founded in 1977. He admits that “events were quite fluid at the time”, but has luckily recorded some important milestones: In June of 1998 the short-lived Kingdom, as a form of government, was renounced in favor of a provisional Communist one called the People's Democratic Republic. In September, they joined the United Provinces of Utopia as one of its divisions. But in January of 1999 the UPOU ceased to exist as a nation; “bereft of a national government,” Molossia declared themselves a sovereign nation once again on February 21st of that year (XXII), with Baugh serving as Premier. Finally, on September 3rd, the Communist government was rejected, and the Republic of Molossia was declared, with Baugh as President.

The 1 Valora vibrantly colorful 2004 (actually undated) plastic composite and labeled coin is the first coin created by the Bank of Molossia. Designed by Kevin Baugh, weight: 7.5g, 39.5 mm diameter with plain edge. Its face shows the shield from the Arms of Molossia, with our National Animal, the Wild Horse. The reverse is the National Colors and a wreath, surrounding the coin value.
The Five Valora Plastic-composite, labeled coin is the second coin created by the Bank of Molossia in 2005. Its face shows His Excellency, The President of our great Republic. Designed by Kevin Baugh, weight: 7.5g, 39.5 mm diameter with plain edge. The reverse is the National Colors and a wreath, surrounding the coin value, with our National Motto, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" on the scroll.
The Ten Valora Plastic-composite, labeled coin is the third coin created by the Bank of Molossia in 2005. Designed by Kevin Baugh, weight: 7.5g, 39.5 mm diameter with plain edge. Its face shows Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico. The reverse is a compass behind the coin value, with a quote from Emperor Norton, "To ameliorate the evils under which the country is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability and integrity".  The symbols around the edges of our coins represent not only Molossia's location within the well-known gambling state of Nevada, but also represent Enterprise (Clubs), Strength (Spades), Prosperity (Diamonds) and Happiness (Hearts).
Molossia consists of Baugh's small rural acreage in Dayton, Nevada, and its citizens are limited to the members of his family who reside there. The Molossian defence forces consist of Baugh's son and an inflatable rubber dinghy. Transportation services consist of a model railway which traverses parts of the property. The property is also home to a number of art installations, including the Tower of the Winds, a Peace Pole and Norton Park. The Molossian tricolour is raised before the Presidential residence each morning with due solemnity; it remains one of the few micronational flags that has actually been raised on a real flagpole.

The Fifty Valora Coin Nickel-plated brass is the first metal coin created by the Bank of Molossia and Central Bank of the Grand Duchy of Westarctica. The new coin is nickel-plated, with a milled edge and raised relief designs on the obverse and reverse. The obverse show the Lesser Arms of Molossia, the value and the National Motto, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained". The reverse commemorates the Treaty of Friendship between Molossia and Westarctica, with images of each nation's flag or arms shown, as well as the treaty date (2005) and the coin date (2006). This coin is designed by Jorge Vidal having a diameter of 37 mm with reeded edge.
The basic unit of currency in Molossia is the Valora (plural: Valora), which is divided into 100 Futtrus (plural: Futtrus). The Valora is linked in value to Pillsbury Cookie Dough, 3 Valora having equal value to one tube of Cookie Dough. Molossia's first three coins affixing colored labels to plastic gambling chips - an appropriate symbol of the micronation's Nevada heritage. 0.75 Valora is equal of 1 USD. These coins can be directly obtainable from His Excellency ( Images of the plastic-composite coins can be seen at the Bank of Molossia:
In 1995, after purchasing land in Nevada, Baugh transplanted his entire undertaking to its new home. Since the spring of 1999, the Molossian nation has begun a “serious path of developing itself as an emerging small nation, rather than a micronation project. Our possession of physical territory makes this course a tangible one, rather than a fantasy.” In 2003, Baugh expanded Molossia's fontiers by purchasing the land where Farfalla sits. “As a republic, we have strived to unite micronations, and to extend the micronational world into the macronational world.” In September of 2000, the first Intermicronational Olympic Games were held in Molossia. They took place in concert with the the Sydney Games, and were a resounding triumph. “The second Games were hosted by the Kingdom of TorHavn in the spring of 2002. They were originally timed to coincide with the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, but circumstances necessitated that they be delayed until later in the year.” A dispute with the U.S. Olympic Committee resulted in these Games being temporarilly renamed “The Intermicronational Games”. This legal debate over the copyrighted term has since been resolved. The 2004 Games were jointly hosted by the Kingdom of Mahina and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. In 2000, Molossia also “sponsored the successful adoption of Norton Day (January 8th) as the first intermicronational holiday, and further created the Norton Awards for Intermicronational Excellence. In 2001 XXIV, our nation hosted the first Intermicronational World Exposition, showcasing micronations from the world over.”
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