Republic of Monte Cristo
Even though this island “belongs to wildlife” — its “only population are sheep and goats”— Mr. Stephen Kurt Vogelsang (of Eagle Rock, CA) has established a Provisional Revolutionary Government dedicated to the conservation of their delicate habitat. This ruminant-inhabited micro-state is in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is in the southern region of the Tuscan Archipelago (also a National Park, “a natural preserve with visitation by special permit / authority only”), between Corsica and Porto S. Stefano on the mainland. It is laying between Elba, 22 miles distant, and the Argentario promontory. It is only 10 square km wide, composed of gray granite. All sailing, swimming and fishing are prohibited within a range of 500 meters off the coast. This island is spelled locally as Montecristo. “For most of its history (after being founded by the Bishop of Palermo, Sicily) the island belonged to the King of Italy as a private hunting reserve.” Its new status as a self-proclaimed “constitutional oligarchy” was instituted in the Spring of 2005 “by the exiled leaders of the Montecristo Federal Movement, currently living in Italy, Spain and the United States.” These men are, respectively, Secretary of Defense Count Walter Giuliani (see my Padania listing), Foreign Secretary Count Jorge Fernández Vidal (see my listing for Westarctica), and General Secretary Count Vogelsang. These “Three Counts”, collectively known as the Great Council of the Republic, constitute the Provisional Government's ruling body. The triumvirate “officially promotes the cause of an autonomous Republic with a permanently exiled government and citizenry to prevent spoilage of the environmentally protected island state”.
Their coin can be purchased directly from Mr. Vogelsang (, is a bi-metallic (silver/enamelled copper-nickel) 10 Soldi piece dated MMV. It has a total mintage of 100 pieces with 1.75 inch diameter. Obverse of the coin features pirate/privateer Dragut in colorized orange and blue while the reverse of the coin tributes His Holiness, John Paul II. A large portion of the net proceeds from the sales of the gorgeous coin will be donated to various charities. Monte Cristo's official Web-site is:
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