Mordor is the wasteland in the south of Middle Earth where the dark lord, Sauron lies in the stronghold tower of Barad-dur. It is also the location of Orodruin, sometimes called Mount Doom, from whose fire the rings of power were forged and where the one-ring must be destroyed. Sauron's eye is all seeing and its' gaze is powerful and controlling. He controls the Black riders and the Ringwraiths - Nazgul as well as Orcs.

Wizard's Stronghold standard coinage: Originally minted in iron for the use by the Dark Lord's minions. The iron (6.00g) and silver (4.70g) coins was struck as a trade token to extend power southwards. The iron coins were not well received due to their tendency to rust in the moist climate.
X#2 EYE 4.70g Date: 2905. Metal: .340 silver (35% Ag, 8% Mn and 57% Cu). Ruler: Sauron. Obverse: Eye of Sauron (Obey / Mordaur). Reverse: Fiery Mountain. Mintage: 240 pieces. The iron coin has a mintage of 600 pieces.
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