New Island
Commonwealth of New Island (based in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. A beautiful concept, in which the coin is accompanied by an amazingly detailed and breathtaking fold-out map, reminiscent of those classic cartographic marvels from “National Geographic”): The creator is a landscape artist named Lee Mothes ( He determined that New Island was the pure, unpolluted source of all the paintings he had been creating at the time. He then proceeded to provide his adopted island-nation with its own history and culture. His Web-site is:
As a fun and interactive innovation, parcels are being released for private ownership “on a first-come, first-serve basis.” By acquiring residency, people can go one step further and become landowners. Once they purchase their personal piece of New Island, they can opt to build a home/business in any area of his/her choice. Though each community/town may start out with a sole inhabitant, that lone pioneer can eventually be joined by other islanders. Mr. Mothes encourages people who establish citizenship, perhaps under the guise of assumed identities and make-believe professions, to “explore the island as if it were a real place.” By making this investment, inhabitants can augment and embellish the island's topography with imaginative details. And with at least five friends or family members, a group can even start their own tribe/neighborhood and have it added to the map. There are hundreds of sites/plots of varying sizes/prices available, depending on the location. “The island can be home to 350,000 residents, with room to spare.” Mr. Mothes can even create a color depiction of your terrain and the house of your design.
This 2003 1 Roger was spotlighted in the April 29, 2003 issue of “Numismatic News”. The Hoffman Mint has reprinted portions of that profile and an image of the coin at:
Obverse: Pelican in flight 

Reverse: Dawn dance 

I purchased my 1 Roger 2003 Brass coin from Joel Anderson ( It is a reeded edge coin, weight 12.5 grams, having 30mm in diameter. 100 pieces are also made in .999 Silver metal with the same domination, diameter and reeded edge, but weights 13.5 grams.
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