Northern Forest Archipelago
Northern Forest Archipelago is a Micro-Nation with constitutional monarchy centered in and around Saranac Lake/Lake Clear, New York.

It is described as a “pint-sized paradise” comprised of “several dozen chunks or ‘islands’ of wilderness existing within the northeastern states of the USA”. Their declaration of existence was formalized through the enactment and ratification of a Constitution on September 21,1998. Their King is King James III (probably also known as “Lorax D. Treehugger”). He explored the vast tracks of forestland known as the Great Northern Forest, purchased the land that would become Backwoods (the capital of the NFA), and organized other widely dispersed bits of timberland under a cohesive system of government. Finally, a micronational coin crafted from wood! This is a strikingly cute 1/10th Sweat Equity Buck (a “community currency” modelled after the innovative Ithaca HOURS local monetary system). Initially these wooden coins were obtained directly from Marjorie Boodlesmythe, the Minister of Foreign Relations and later with other coin dealers. Their Web-site is:

This coin is made of wood, issued on 01st September 2003. Only 250 of these coins have been produced to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the founding of Northern Forest Archipelago. The coin is 1.5 inches across, and made from various hardwoods available here in the NFA. Non-toxic green ink is used in printing the wordings on it. Ad Augusta Per Angusta, means "to high places by narrow paths". One NFA Sweat Equity Buck (NFASEB) is equivalent to a US $10 Bill.

Pictured above you will find pictures of the first Northern Forest Archipelago Metal Coinage ever issued. There were 250 of the bronze coins minted, 100 of the black nickel, 25 of the silver, and 25 of the gold. The coins are 1.5" in diameter. The front has a picture of (Ben & Jemie) King James and the Crown Prince Benjamin, coin information arcing across top and bottom, and a "B" for Backwoods (the capital of the NFA). The back has a picture of a natural setting common to the NFA, a quote from Ed Abbey (Edward Paul Abbey, 1927-1989) about the nature of wilderness, "Woods Water Wildlife" across the top, and the GPS coordinates coordinates of Backwoods.

I got my 1/10 NFASEB 2003 wooden coin from Erik V. McCrea and 1 NFASEB 2006 Antiqued Bronze coin through Oded Paz. Further detail and information about these coins can be found at their website: and for recent issues at:
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