Pope Joseph
In 2007, Fred Zinkann has produced another papal design for Pope Joseph (also this pope name has not been previously used). It has an artistic design of three pomegranates. Obverse design shows arms for this pope with text as "FECUNDITATIS MUNDUS". The information on available mintage in various metals on them is as follow:

Metal Symbol Weight Mintage Diameter Alignment Edge
Brass None N/A 25 28.5 mm Medal Plain
Copper-Nickel CuNi N/A 25 28.5 mm Medal Plain
Gold Au N/A 02 28.5 mm Medal Plain
Silver .999 Ag 8.50g 25 28.5 mm Medal Plain
 I got my 10 Euro 2007 Silver coin from Elizabeth Anne Zinkann (ezinkann@comcast.net).
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