Pope Mathew
This is a unusual fantasy coin of Vatican, again a masterpiece production of Mr. Fred Richard Zinkann. It is a Papal 3 Ducat, Pope Mathew I with 25mm in diameter. It was minted in 1989. There is no Pope named Mathew in the history. Most of the the unusual metal struck for Mr. Zinkann were from Mintmaster Coining of Franklin Park. Most of these coins produced in unusual metals over the past 10 years were sold or given to museums. He has kept one of each, for his own reference. The blanks were very expensive, especially the chromium and rhenium. Most of the unusual metal used by Mr. Zinkann were mostly stable at room temperature. They do not oxidize readily. That is one of the reasons that he tried them as coinage. Another reason was their densities, some of which are denser than silver. Designs imprinted on them will last many decades.

Chromium is a hard white metal which is unsuitable for coinage, but which has been used to plate steel coins. Hafnium has few uses except in the nuclear industry, where its high neutron capture cross-section makes it useful for control rods in some nuclear reactors. Rhenium is very scarce white metal. Tantalum is a hard blue-coloured metal with a very high melting point. Too expensive and difficult to work for coinage. Titanium is a strong light metal that is corrosion resistant. It could be used for coins, and has been used to strike medals. However, there are problems in producing a sheet of the metal with a smooth enough surface for coinage purposes, and this increases the cost of producing coins in bulk using this metal.

Despite all above mentioned problems Mr. Zinkann had made coins in these metals. These coins are having a diameter of 25 mm. The quantity/patterns of this coin were produced in the following metals.


Metal Symbol Weight Mintage Edge
Copper Cu 8.00g 10 Plain
Copper-Nickel CuNi 8.00g 25 Plain
Chromium Cr N/A 03 Plain
Gold Au N/A 02 Plain
Hafnium Hf


04 Plain
Rhenium Re N/A 03 Plain
Silver Ag 7.85g & 7.55g 50 Plain
Tantalum Ta N/A 01 Plain
Titanium Ti N/A 03 Plain
I purchased my Papal 3 Ducal 1989 silver plain edge coin directly from Fred R. Zinkann through his Ebay auction. He uses Ebay id:- equiilink (fredzur@mindspring.com) to sell his coins. "Only evangelist not have a pope use his name" is written in the description of these coins in his auction.
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