RCC (Rec.collecting.coins)

RCC/rec.collecting.coins (a USENET newsgroup, found on the Web at Google Groups. Google purchased the entire USENET database/archive from DejaNews/Deja.com in Feb. 2001. This forum was started on August 16/22, 1994). 


The world's largest coin collecting usenet newsgroup consisting of hundreds of collectors and numismatists interacting on a regular basis.  It is an excellent forum to ask questions for the coin collecting novice or the experienced numismatic expert. To simply chat or get others opinions regarding numismatic issues its a good starting place. The Usenet newsgroup rec.collecting.coins (news://rec.collecting.coins) made history in the summer of 2002 by being the first Internet new group to produce its own token. The project was conceived by George "Buzz" Huse and financed by Ken Johnson.

This interesting project is chiefly the creation of Mr. George V. Huse, Jr. (buzzhuse@sbcglobal.net), of Euless, Texas. The motto of the RCC is “Sempiterniter”, which is Latin for “never-ending/everlasting journey”. “It describes your experiences here at RCC. You're always learning something about something.” I think this quote applies splendidly to our entire sub-sect of coin-collecting. Starting with the 2002 1 Ember, they've minted a handful of coins, all on a regular basis. Several more are planned. On 09th May 2002 George Huse officially coined the term "Ember" and the RCC Monetary System as 100 Embers = 1 Frame.When Mr. Huse was asked what the significance on the Ember was, he responded, "Ember' is the pseudo-denomination RCCers dreamed up one day while goofing around,". "Flame" is Internet slang meaning to speak incessantly or with a patently ridiculous attitude, directed with hostility at a particular person or people.

Mr. Huse chose to use a scan of a Slavey Petrov reproduction of the ancient Greek coin as the basis for the Ember, with the bust of Pallas Athene facing left instead of right. He did this to avoid running afoul of any counterfeiting laws and to avoid having the 1 Ember token modified and sold as a real Tetradrachm. The mintmark "U" for Usenet is hidden on Pallas Athene's helmet. By April 2002, Mr. Huse had settled on a final design of the Ember. After a few days of emailing private mints for estimate, Mr. Huse took the suggestion of RCC regular Stujoe and went with Quality Challenge Coins, Inc. (http://www.militarychallengecoins.com). On 03rd May 2002, having done all he could, George petitioned the group for the funding needed to put the project into motion.

Ken Johnson made the RCC Ember available for sale on 25th June 2002. By 14th August 2002 RCC Ember were sold out (not including 6 held in reserve for auction at a later date). On 11th Sep 2002, Ken Johnson received the Embers from Quality Challenge Coins. Shipping began on the 13th of September, with the overseas orders shipping first. Thus started the journey of these coins from one hand to another. Letters "FD" on these coins stands for Flamedrake, the dragon which represents the unofficial mascot of RCC.

So far six coins have been produced.

01. 1 Ember 2002 40mm diameter, 3mm thickness, bronze with an antique brass finish with 32.1 grams weight. 121 coins were produced. 

02. 5 Ember 2002 RCC 20th Anniversary 1982-2002. A Never-Ending Journey. Flamedrake the dragon appeared on the other side of the coin. 

03. 10 Ember 2003

04. 1/4 Flame 2003 "Feed Not The Hideous Troll" is wriiten on one side while "Poison In The Mind, Poison In The Soul, Poison On The Internet, Poison In The New Group" is wriiten on the other side.

05. 1/2 Flame 2004 sumptuously colorized with hand-painted, baked enamel. 

06. 1 Flame 2004 sumptuously colorized with hand-painted, baked enamel. 

The earlier RCC tokens can also be found on eBay from time to time (search using the term "rcc"). Information and images on these coins can be found at these sites:


I purchased my 5 Ember 2002 coin from Dale R. McDonald / Winde Walker (winde2000@comcast.net). I purchased my one half flame 2004 through Oded Paz.
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