Kingdom of Riboalte

According to their official Web-site (, the Regne de Riboalte “is a virtual microstate”. The capital of this monarchy is named Santa Maria Magdalena, after their patron saint. Their official languages are Catalan and Spanish. The brief history of the Kingdom is as follows: On 22 July 1999, a group of citizens established the micronation (in the Spanish province of Lérida) as an independent/sovereign state. His Royal Highness Emili I (he is also described as the founder) assumed the throne as king. He assumed the throne as king Su Alteza Real Emili I (descendant of an illegitimate son of count Guillermo de Ribagorza). The people living in that territory were admitted into the Kingdom of Riboalte (RIB) as citizens. The country is a monarchy. The form of real succession the mark the constitution and it is inspired in the primitive kingdoms. His Royal Highness Joan I ruled Riboalte from 22 July 2000 to 01 December 2003 (during his reign, “by absolute majority of its citizens and in exercise of its sovereignty”, Riboalte ratified its Constitution on 22 July 2002) — the day in which he abdicated the throne due to an illness; he later died on 12 December 2003. Thereupon, His Royal Highness Joan II (El Rey) — the crown prince up until that moment — succeeded to the throne. He is the third king of Riboalte. The king is the Chief of State and by the rights given him by the current Constitution, he “is the president of the Government, president of the Royal Council (Parliament)” and he is also the person in charge of foreign affairs. He can choose his successor from any nobleman of the Royal Council. The Kingdom of Riboalte claims two overseas territories (autonomous states): Islote de Sant Jordi (a small island in North Africa) and Pequeña Isla Mosquitos (in the Gulf of Guinea).

1 O Riboalte. Year: 2009. Weight: 11.75g. Metal: Bi-metal. Diameter: 25 mm. Edge: Reeded. Alignment: Medal. Mint: N/A. Obverse: Monkey sitting and watching left. Reverse: Coat and Arms of Riboalte. Mintage: N/A.
On 20 January 2000, Joan I established the “OMEGA Riboaltes (OR)” as the Kingdom’s currency. He also created the stamps, a university and Bank of Riboalte. On 02 January 2005, Joan II changed its name to the Royal Bank of Riboalte. In May of 2008, the prolific Mr. Jorge Fernández Vidal (for more information about this numismatist, please see my listings for HADEF and Westarctica) issued two coins for this microstate. The first is a “Reino de Riboalte” piece. The second is an “Isla de Sant Jordi” piece. Both bear the “5 O Riboalte” denomination and are dated 2008. In regards to the Sant Jordi piece, Mr. Vidal writes: “Its sovereignty is unclear, which prompted the Kingdom of Riboalte to claim the island in 2002.” In his original text, Mr. Vidal added: “Don Daniel is the first Duke of Sant Jordi and the current governor of the island.” He later changed the wording to: “Don Daniel is the Duque of Portaspana (the title of the heir of the Riboalte throne) and the current Governor of the island.” I asked him why he altered the sentence. “The reason why I changed the title of Duke of Sant Jordi to that of Duke of Portaspana is because Don Daniel was made Duke of Portaspana after being made Duke of Sant Jordi (I guess he still holds both titles) and the King believed that it was more appropriate to have him described as Duke of Portaspana. To make it clearer, he was indeed the Duke of Sant Jordi at the time I wrote the original sentence and later was made Duke of Portaspana, I believe that in addition to his former title of Duke of Sant Jordi. I never really bother to ask why.” In February of 2009, Mr. Vidal issued a new coin for “Isla de Sant Jordi”. The following month, he issued one for “Pequeña Isla Mosquitos” with a monkey standing on his four legs, moving right with a long tail. Both bear the “1 O Riboalte” denomination and are dated 2009. In regards to the Pequeña Isla Mosquitos piece, he writes: “This state was created in November 22nd 2004 and a parliamentary government was formed, which has been ruling the island since then. In August 29th 2005 the government of the island signed a Treaty of Annexation with the Kingdom of Riboalte. In September 2nd 2005, a Statute of Autonomy was approved via referendum and it was declared official in September 4th 2005.”


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