Sherman Dollar
Created and designed in 2003 by Mr. Ken Oglesby (of Springfield, IL), who “has studied the history of money since 1968.” With the exception of high-priced commemorative coins sold by the U.S. Mint only to collectors, the Sherman Dollar “is the first Constitutionally correct Dollar minted for commerce since 1935”. It “is a privately minted ‘silver round’ that in spirit meets the definition of the word ‘Dollar’ as stated in” the Coinage Act of 1792, which was passed on April 2 of that year. This neglected document had defined the standard for all silver coins, which should each contain 371.25 grains of fine silver. Its guidelines, of which the collectible Sherman Dollar is “a precise model”, are later reiterated in the Coinage Act of 1837; these sacrosanct definitions remain unchanged until today.
Mr. Oglesby drew inspiration for the Sherman Dollar from NORFED and he gives due credit to that organization's successful Liberty Dollars. However, he considers his coin to be a “superior product...the result of taking the carbon nugget discovered by Mr. NotHaus and polishing it to a brilliant diamond luster.” The Sherman Dollar is capable of functioning as “a new bridge” built to lead us back towards a “Constitutional Coinage”, away from today's “corrupt” fiat monetary system, which Mr. Oglesby clearly disdains. Nevertheless, the coin is also “uniquely designed” to operate within our current, “egregious” system, and he envisions individual states adopting the Sherman Dollar “as a financial tool to solve their budgetary problems” and to halt their “endless dependency on federal grants.” Once state legislatures start putting themselves “on the fast track to economic recovery” by enacting the “Sherman Dollar Act”, this legislation will allow their states to buy the coins at a discount, below their face value. The coin will further enable more and more of them to “begin the process of weaning” themselves “from the tyrannical clutches of the socialist Federal Reserve System”, whose “phony” and “worthless” paper money will in turn become less and less influential. “The Sherman Dollars, and other privately minted Dollars that may appear, will become the currency of the nation and will be replaced only when the United States Mint starts coining real silver Dollars again. The buying power of these lawful Dollars will eventually meet or exceed the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars of yesteryear. Once again minor silver coins will purchase those numerous necessities of life that our parents so often spoke of, and that we found so hard to believe. Some day soon pocket change will buy you a ticket to see a fascinating movie about how the legacy of Roger Sherman saved America!” To read more about this historical figure, whose important contributions are honored by this coin, please visit:
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