Rohaun (Mannish Kingdom)
Rohaun (or Rouhan or Rowan) Mannish Kingdom is noted for its horsemen: The Kingdom of the Rohirrim was once a province of Gondor, and the land was given to men in return for their aid in the Battle of the Fields of Celebrant. The Rohirrim farmed and raised horses. The riders of Rohan played a crucial role at the battle of the Pelennor Fields during the War of the Ring.

X#1 FOAL Copper. Ruler: Theodun. Obverse Inscription: THEODUN KONG EORLINGAS (Theodun King of the Eorlings). Reverse: Mearas, King of the horse, running left. Reverse Inscription: EUDORAS (mint-name, 'Edoras) / dated: 3014. It is an unusual oblong coin struck on oval die on larger planchet, 25 x 19mm. Mintage: 1000 pieces.
Half Dram (2.40g, 140 pieces) and Dram (6.00g, 90 pieces) were made in .900 silver in somehow irregular round shaped planchet. Both these silver coins are dated 3017.
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