Russian Imperial Union-Order
This is an interested coin issued as an exile Tsarist organization founded in 1929 in Paris by "White" Russian. The Russian monarchist Rouble was released to commemorative the 60th anniversary of this organization. The obverse of the coin depicts the emblem of the order, the Czarist eagle with sword of freedom fighter, with the following inscriptions: "Russian Imperial Union-Order",  "For the Faith, the Czar and the Fatherland", "1929-1989", "60 years of struggle" and "We are Russian, God is with us". The reverse depicts the portrait of Tsar Nicholas II with inscriptions: "1894-1917" (the date of his accession to the Imperial throne and the date of his abdication), "Only National Assembly will choose the worthy successor" with denomination "Rouble".

This coin exists in copper, silver and gold metals. It is worldwide accepted / known that 100 pieces were minted in gold. According to the official "The Imperial Messenger" (a Russian language periodical, distributed worldwide), the "Monarchist Rouble" does circulate extensively among Russian monarchist circles in Russia and around the world. This coin has a diameter of 38.25mm and weight 23.5g. A similar coin with the same inscriptions has also been minted in 1990 by Russian Supreme Monarchist Council founded in 1921 in Serbia by Admiral Koltchack for its 70th anniversary in 1991. 
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