Saint Barthelemy
Saint Barthelemy is located in the Caribbean, as a part French Over Seas Department of Guadelope (under French rule since 1635). It's capital is Gustiva.

Robert Miles Reincke, the self-appointed “King of L'Urin” issued one shilling coin dated 1970. This coin is also known as "Reincke's Necessity Pieces". This unusual and rare coin was supposedly minted to alleviate a shortage caused by hoarding of silver French 5 Franc pieces on the island in late 1960s. The coin also bears the name “Les Castelets”, his hotel in the village of L'Urin.

Their coin is called “the world's first convertible coin” because you could exchange it for other currency in Sweden as well as Saint Barthelemy.

This coin features Mr. Reincke's three quarter right portrait wearing a laurel wreath. The legend - AMORE - IACET HA / MILESIUS REXUS URINUS / HA AS REDEEMARLE FOR US $1 and 1970. 

Translation reads, LOVE and WIT, MILES KING OF L'URIN. AS is in conjunction with the REDEEMABLE FOR US $1 INDICATING "AT 5" in French means "at 5 Francs to the US Dollar". The HA-HA marking are believed to hark back to the mintmark's on the French colonial 5 and 10 centimes pieces. "H" for La Rochelle and "A" for Paris.

A legend LES CASTELETS VILLAGE A L'URIN ST. BARTHELEMY (AF) is also visible on the coin. LES CASTELETS is the Hotel name of the town on this Island. AF indicates ANTILLES FRANCAISE (French Antilles). The two-headed Austrian eagle alludes to the country where Miles Reincke grew up. 

These nickel coins were made in Canada as indicated on the edge of each piece. 1 Shilling is redeemable for 1 USD or 5 French Francs. 516 pieces are minted in nickel metal having 39 mm diameter with unreeded edge. Only 305 coins were made available. 

Reincke's coinage was accepted just about everywhere on St. Barthelemy. Robert Miles Reincke was the single greatest developer of the island. He died in November 1990. His necessity pieces were known only to "Saint Barths" inhabitants until 1995.

I purchased my Saint Barthelemy one Shilling 1970 coin from Roger Zago / Barbara of Aspen Coins. Saint Barthelemy's dated 1988 coins of 50 and 500 Francs/Riksdaler also exist.
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