The Shire
The Shire is the abode the Hobbit. It is divided into four Farthings, which are further divided into a number of folklands. There are several towns within each that play a part in the story of the Lord of the Rings. Bilbo and the Frodo Baggins live in Hobbittown at a house called Bag End. There were a few members of the landed genty, who did not need to work, but most Hobbits were farmers, tradesmen or laborers. The Shire was primarily agricultural.
Standard Coinage: From SR 1401 to SR 1403, Farthings, Penny, 3 Pence, 6 Pence, Shilling and 1/2 Crown were used.
X#24 3 PENCE 8.1g Copper. Obverse: Plum tree in full fruit, Minted: Solmath. dated: SR 1402. Reverse: Large 3 with inscription: NELDE KELEBRIS / SUZA BAR KUDUK (Three Pence / Shire abode of the Halflings). Octagon shaped high relief (octagonal) rim within round planchet. Mintage: 2000 pieces. Another variant of 7.00g in copper also exists with trimmed edges used as presentation piece.
In 1404 there was a monetary reform: Hlokarpeni = Farthing; Banapeni = 1/2 Penny; Hlokartharantiin/Peni = Penny; Bantharantiin = 1/8 Kastar; Tharantiin = 1/4 Kastar; Bankastar = 1/2 Kastar.
X#35 HLOKAPPENI Brass .70g Obverse: Pine tree in pellet circle. Reverse: Large "F" (h). Dated: SR 1404. Mintage: 200 pieces.
X#36 HLOKAPPENI Brass .70g Obverse: Elm tree in pellet circle. Reverse: Large "R" (y). Dated: SR 1404. Mintage: 200 pieces.

X#37 HLOKAPPENI Brass .70g Obverse: Willow tree within pellet circle. Reverse: Large "H" (inverted y). Dated: SR 1404. Mintage: 200 pieces.
X#38 HLOKAPPENI Brass .70g Obverse: Oak tree within pellet circle. Reverse: Large "N" (m). Dated: SR 1404. Mintage: 200 pieces.
The Farthings (also known as Hlokarpeni) are struck in brass and come in four varieties, each featuring a different tree, representing the four different compass points. The Pine Tree is for the North, the Elm is for the East, the Willow is for the South and the Oak tree is for the West. The letters on one side of the coins are the elvish compass point letters, and they and the trees represent the four 'farthings' or quarters (i.e. geographical divisions) of the Shire. The play on the double meaning (monetary and geographical) of 'farthing' is deliberate and very Hobbitish.
X#41 HLOKARTHARANTIIN/PENI 3.10g Copper. Obverse: Willow tree, bare. Reverse: Quartered circle SR 1405. Mintage: 2000 pieces. This piece also exists in 2.60 Bronze and 2.40g Niobium.
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