The Ultimate State of Tædivm

“Confronting the Dire Consequences of

Boredom in the Numismatic World…"

Chaim Dov Shiboleth is also a collector of coins, token and medallion from Micronations, local communities and Unusual places of the world. He has contributed a lot on gathering the information on these type of coins and also provide us a source to obtain them. He is an active member and eventually promoted to the status of committee member of Unorganized states of Numismatic Society at
He was also one of key member and special contributor in prompting and getting published the "4th edition of Unusual coins" in June 2005 by Krause publication. He and I en-countered several time to bid on the same type of coins on Ebay auctions. Through these en-counter I got to know him and bought a few coins from him as well. He has a store in Ebay at: and often sells his extra coins. He is also keen in collecting all types of coins from Israel as well. His personal website is at:, which comprise of his own created coins and other Micronations, local communities and Unusual places coins with detailed information. Very impressive indeed, I hope that it continues like that !
According to Chaim Shiboleth: "Visualise the clock, the hours of the day ticking away: Daily, you start work at 9 a.m. (maybe earlier, maybe later). You greet your colleagues with a nod of the head; maybe you have a chat about the weather, the daily traffic jams, redecorating, the game last night, international politics. You get your cup of coffee (one sugar or two? or do you drink tea?), check your mailbox (chances are you turn on the computer) and start your daily routine. Possibly you work with people, responding to their needs, a teacher, guide, salesman; maybe you work with artifacts, consumer goods; you might be a scholar, a thinker, a writer, using words or numbers as the tools of your trade. It's all the same.
Daily, at 5 p.m. (or maybe a while later) you’ll pack your bag, wish the colleagues a fine evening and join the other commuters, those taking the train or those ploughing their way through clogged traffic routes, following the well-known paths leading homewards. At home, you’ll greet your spouse, your children (if you have them), eat your supper, read the evening paper or watch the latest news (or soap, or comedy) on TV. Possibly you’ll follow up on your sport or your hobby or go online to order the latest gadget or bauble that has been designed to convince you into thinking your life will be improved by owning it. Filling the hole in your time or in your collection (or is it the hole in your life) you’ll feel good for a fleeting moment. But, the salesman’s promise to fulfill your dreams never occurs.
Imagine the days of the week, the weeks in every year: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly following the same pattern, same routine. Stagnation. Imagine a lifetime, your life. Do you find the life you’re leading really fulfilling, does it arouse your natural intellectual curiosity? Or is it the comfort and safety of the known that keeps you following the ticking of the clock? Do you make a difference? Are you sure? Or do you recognise an internal feeling of existential boredom? Take this feeling, this boredom, this emptiness. This tedium. Hold it tight; embrace it for all it’s worth! Think about it as a State of Mind. Welcome to the Ultimate State of Tædivm. We’ll welcome you with half a yawn and lull you back to sleep. No promises made, none kept."

Final mintage figures including pre release trials, minted in 2005:
Metal Mintage
Brass (antiqued) 03
Aluminium (antiqued) 03
Copper (.064” thick flan, antiqued) 01
copper-nickel-zinc (.064” thick flan, antiqued) 01
Silver .999 (antiqued, unholed) 03
Copper-nickel-zinc (antiqued) 51
Copper (antiqued) 21
Silver .999 (prooflike, unholed) 20


All coins are 25mm in diameter with plain edge. A coin full of compromises to the technical & practical side of minting. In my opinion only worthy of a pitiful half-a-yawn, a mere ½ Gaap (pronounced with a soft G, similar to the CH of Loch Ness or Chaim). The obverse: A stylised moon in the background, with the value superimposed; the moon symbolising circularity, emptiness, lunacy. The triangles on the left symbolise the dials of the clock stopped at 9, when freedom ends and the tædivm of the workday commences. The reverse: Symbolising a clock with the dials set at "nine to five”. The quote on the coin is from Faulkner: "the hours of folly are measured by a clock". The hole: Symbolising emptiness, the essence of being in an ultimate state of tædivm... but also giving those who would wish it an opening to all that's beyond tædivm. The coins were minted by Pressed Metal Products in Canada. To order these coins e-mail at
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