Mauquoy - Tramaux & Co.
X#47 2-1/2 ECU 1992 15.00g CuNi, 33mm diameter. Ruler: Beatrix (Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard van Oranje-Nassau). Obverse: Large "ECU", medieval sailing ship, 12 stars in ribbon border. Legend: DE NEDER - LANDER. Reverse: Bust of Willem I. Frederik 3/4 right at left, three emblems at right. Inscription: ...UITBREIDUNG VAN HET VERKEER MET ALLEVOLKEN....This coin can also be viewed at page 351 of 4th edition of "Unusual World Coin" by Krause Publication. These coins were issued by Mauquoy - Tramaux & Co. B.v.b.a., Grobbendonk from 1988 to 1993.  
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