Wirtland was founded on August 14, 2008 as a public initiative and is principally represented through its official website. Wirtland purports to be an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil, which transcends national borders without breaching or lessening the sovereignty of any involved. Wirtland builds communities, which will offer political and economic benefits, generate employment opportunities, provide new sources of artistic creativity and independent opinion-sharing. Wirtland is currently governed by a chancellor, and aims to become a parliamentary democracy. In July 2009 Global Antiwar Party was registered in Wirtland. In March 2010 Wirtland Institute was founded.
In January 2010 Wirtland proposed to acquire land by consent from Nauru and probably also from Sweden. If successful, it would be the first case of a peaceful formation of a new country 'from scratch', making Wirtland potentially eligible for international diplomatic recognition according to Article 1 of Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, provided that it can also meet the requirements of a "permanent population" under the control of a government. New applications for ID card are accepted from everyone over 18 years old, who wants to become a citizen of Wirtland. Wirtland issues personal plastic ID cards. Wirtland offers equal democratic rights and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, age, religion, race, gender. Website:
http://www.wirtland.com/ and Citizen comment page was at: http://witizens.ning.com/. Olga, a charming lady from Moscow, Russia, became the 1000th citizen of Wirtland, who signed up to the Witizens of Wirtland (WoW) social network at www.wirtland.net. In addition to usual welcome, the 1000th witizen received a present - a free garment from the collection of Wirtland gift shop.
Date of foundation: August 14, 2008
Motto: Virtus, non copia vincit (Latin) [Courage, not multitude, wins]
Anthem: Watch What Happens (music my Michel Legrand)
Capital: Wirtland
Official language: Universal (any language which can be translated online)
Population: 1100 (as of 14.03.2010)
Demonym: Wirtlander; Witizen
Ethnic groups: All
Government: Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Currency: Multi currency, ICU
Internet TLD: .wl (temporary: .net, .com)

Chancellor: Alexander
PR Attache of the Government of Wirtland: Cristopher Luengo

While the boundaries of sovereign states are becoming symbolic in Europe, in other world's regions sovereignty is increasingly challenged, and separatism leads to bloodshed and terrorism. Both trends suggest for a serious rethinking of the notion of self-identification in a changing world. For an individual, who is not actively involved in political life, there are too few options for self-identification. We believe people should be offered a broader choice. Many people feel powerless when it comes to events that transpire within the governments of their home country, so the creation of a country where they can enact changes and contribute in a meaningful way makes them feel better. This idea can become a movement and, given time, can affect change in real world. Wirtland is the newest alternative for people's self-identification. It is a democratic and peaceful alternative.
A “virtual world” is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars. In such a world, everything is virtual. In Wirtland, only land is virtual. Citizens do not use avatars; they are engaged in real-world activities, and gain real-life results. They may influence real politics, set up organizations, earn money, find partners. Wirtland issues real passports and other documents. Sometimes “Wirtland” is perceived wrongly as one of virtual worlds. In fact, it is more correct to compare Wirtland to a small real self-proclaimed state.

2 International Currency Units (ICU). Year: 2009. Weight: 31.10g. Metal: .999 Silver. Diameter: 39 mm. Edge: Reeded. Alignment: Medal. Mint: Moonlight. Obverse: Crane. Reverse: coat of arms of Wirtland, marked ".999 silver" and the country's URL "www.WIRTLAND.com". Mintage: N/A. Minted Years: One year type.
In 2009 Wirtland released its first gold coin, known as the "Wirtland Crane" (10 International Currency Units, ICU). The first sales of 1/10 ounce 24-carat pure gold Wirtland Crane proved successful as well. "I received the Wirtland 10 ICU, and I really think it's a gorgeous coin!" - said Erik Victor McCrea, coin collector, who was the first buyer of Wirtland Crane. "The Wirtland Crane is truly a work of art! And that is what I value the most – top-notch artistry combined with numismatics." The diameter of the coin is 16.5 mm, composition: 24 carat pure gold, weight: 1/10 troy oz. (3.2 grams). The price of "Wirtland Crane" (currently $135 retail / $120 wholesale) will be reflecting the current price of gold. Wirtland is not seeking to introduce a new internationally recognized currency. “Wirtland Crane” formally has status similar to that of commemorative or collectors’ coins. Its competitive price allows “Wirtland Crane” to be used also as an investment tool. As the coin is not intended for circulation, it's denominated symbolically at 10 ICU (International Currency Units). Wirtland's official partner Moonlight Mint, which has been receiving advance orders for "Wirtland Crane" from collectors all over the world, has now confirmed that "Wirtland Crane" can be purchased directly from its online store complete with official Certificate of Authenticity. The total mintage of "Wirtland Crane" will be limited.
It took us only about 4 months to realize this unprecedented project: from a scratch to first sales of the product. The success of "Wirtland Crane" confirms that Wirtland is an efficient mechanism, which can realize ambitious projects quickly and effectively. The design of new silver coin is similar to 1/10 ounce "Gold Crane", which was considered to be the world's first physical gold coin issued by a virtual country, and called a "work of art" by experts. Two months after successful launch of Wirtland’s gold coin, Wirtland now introduces its first silver coin, the "Silver Crane". The new "Silver Crane" weighs 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) and consists of .999 pure silver, its diameter is 39 mm. The coin's denomination is 2 International Currency Units (ICU). The "Silver Crane" can be purchased online for 38 US dollars from Wirtland's official mint. The silver coin, which is much larger in size, features the same image of migratory crane, symbolizing that virtual country transcends lands and borders. Same image of Japanese crane was used in the Wirtland's postage stamp. The reverse of the coin features the coat of arms of Wirtland, and is also marked ".999 silver". As Wirtland has no geographical location, its address in cyberspace is essential. The country's URL "www.WIRTLAND.com", inscribed on the coin, reflects the unique status of Wirtland as an internet-based state.
"Silver Crane" is offered in 3 versions of finishing: Cameo proof-like (polished silver), Satin, and Matte. The Matte version is a special limited-time offer. "Silver Crane" is primarily a coin for collectors or a gift item, unlike the "Gold Crane". The "Gold Crane" serves dual purpose: it is not only a beautiful collector's item or gift, but can be used as an effective investment instrument in the current situation of ever-raising gold prices. Its price (currently $150 retail) is lower than other countries' gold coins of identical weight and quality. Own currency is not necessary for operation of Wirtland. Though in 2009 Wirtland issued its own gold and silver coins (so-called "Wirtland Cranes"), they are not intended to become Wirtland's currency.
Fox News and Bulgarian national bTV were the first TV channels to report on Wirtland. bTV organized an online interview with three witizens of Bulgarian origin on February 11, 2009 whilst Fox 45 Morning News of Baltimore, Maryland featured an interview about Wirtland with reporter Larry Fiorino on January 20, 2009. Wirtland has also been covered by CNN Türk, Voice of Russia, Daily Record, PC World, Computerworld, Milliyet, Sabah and Dneven Trud.
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